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1963 Tammy Doll ad 1963 Tammy Doll ad

Tammy Dolls

What is a Tammy doll, and when was she around? Ideal’s Tammy Doll was intended to be the more down to earth competitor to...

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A Creatable World doll (left) and a Sarah Shades Takara Blythe on a normal body, both wearing Creatable World Clothes from the same set


We learned whether Barbie clothes fit Blythe dolls. The answer is, kind of. But Barbie’s company Mattel released a new type of dolls called...

Petite and Middie Blythes


What are Petite Blythes and Middie Blythes? What are other types of Blythe and Blythe-like dolls? Blythe herself is about 11 and a half...