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Lucy Steigerwald

Lucy Steigerwald writes and edits in Pittsburgh, PA. Her work has been published in outlets such as, but not limited to, The New Republic dot com, Washington Post dot com, Reason magazine, The American Conservative,, and She is interested in national security, criminal justice, activism, and history. She is also a fan of sci-fi, vintage toys, non-vintage toys, and media about the apocalypse (especially nukes). She lives with some dude she married, and many houseplants on the brink of death.
Petite and Middie Blythes Petite and Middie Blythes


What are Petite Blythes and Middie Blythes? What are other types of Blythe and Blythe-like dolls? Blythe herself is about 11 and a half...